Magnesium...are you getting enough?


😱 Do you know that all of us are SO deficient in this amazing mineral?

😀 It is responsible for an incredible amount of bodily functions, that we just don’t realise and without it our systems suffer in many many ways. Low mood, anxiousness, cramping, sleeplessness, irritability, headaches and much more.

♥️ I have just ordered a bucket of it on Amazon Prime, (I usually have lots of this at home, but didn’t wish to bring a zippy bag of white powder with me to Italy, just saying!) 😂

♥️ So I would like to show you how easy it is to get Magnesium into your system. With my research it seems that dermal application is the best, and here’s how to do it.

♥️ This spray bottle is 200 ml approx, I’ve dissolved half a cup of Magnesium Chloride flakes in 180 ml of water (I use a jug to dissolve as it’s easier to pour) and then add 5 drops of DōTERRA Frankincense oil, as this is an awesome addition for everything to do with skin, cell and body system health, shake and spray over arms and stomach and leave on for about 20 minutes for it to absorb effectively.

♥️ I like to wash it off as it tends to be a little itchy, but try yourself!

May you all be well and happy.

Oh......Mg. You will feel a difference!

Let's get started!

Wellness Advocate

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28-10-2019 06:51 AM AWST

Hi John, Just letting you know that it is suggested if you feel a bit itchy or a bit stingy when using Mag Oil, it is because you are very deficient. It is also suggested to put your "brave face" on, persevere for a couple of weeks slathering mag oil on, then the discomfort starts to vanish once levels are on the rise. I find it is no issues if doing it directly after a shower when the pores are still open & an element of moisture is still in the skin. xx

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