Healing mother/father...forgiving YOU

There is something profound about healing and forgiving oneself, the mother, the father, the masculine and the feminine within.

This beautiful blend tonight consisting of 6 drops of FORGIVE BLEND, 3 FRANKINCENSE, 1 GERANIUM, 2 MYRRH , is filing this space with such a delicious and powerful aroma!

Forgive Blend works to assist in letting go of all that has been that no longer serves you, but pairing it with the Geranium which opens the heart to receive love for oneself and others, and allowing healing to occur.

Adding precious Myrrh oil represents the Mother and the feminine, while Frankincense represents truth, the Father and the masculine.

So tune in and surrender to the healing of what this blend can offer you, with your male and female, mother and father energy, with an open heart ready to forgive and receive forgiveness.

Namaste ♥️♥️

Let's get started!

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