Peppermint Oil


Such an amazing and versatile oil Peppermint has SO many uses!

 Ants HATE it! Apply a few drops around where they are coming into areas you don’t want and they will retreat away!

 It’s super cooling to the skin after a sunburn, or if you are just running a little hot. Add a few drops to a spritzer of cold water and spray your neck and shoulders to have you feeling chilled out in no time.

 Sore muscles? Add a drop or two to some fractionated coconut oil onto the area of concern, to soothe sore and achy muscles.

 Get motivated and do that extra bit, it’s been shown to enhance sports, gym, active exercises, to increase the time to fatigue and decrease the time of recovery.

 Great easy breath freshener, one drop on your thumb and press onto the soft palette of your mouth for a fresh breath feeling, plus this little trick gives you a wow mental boost.

 It’s a wonderful digestive aid to add to your water, just one drop can support stomach upset and digestive stuff.

 Bring focus, attention and alertness to your day by combining a few drops of Peppermint, Rosemary and Wild Orange to your diffuser. It’s the “get housework done”Blend!!

Great for insect and mosquito bites, add a drop to the bite area and watch the redness and itchiness go away.

 And lastly it is wonderful to support head tension, a drop on the finger and massaged into the temples and back of neck to ease those head pressures away. Just keep away from eyes!

With all of dōTERRA's oils its about purity and potency, you only need a little...we always say Less is best! 

Let's get started!

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