Egypt and Essential Oils

🌿 Plants, herbs and essences have been used for literally thousands of years. Especially in ancient Egypt, whereby discoveries of temples and papyri, recorded countless recipes with the use of oils for a huge variety of health benefits.

🌱 In particular there is a temple named Edfu, which is dedicated to the god Horus, a falcon god, a temple especially devoted to essential oils, remedies, recipes and ways to use plant medicine for healing. A place where people would come to visit, to be well.

🍃 I love that we haven’t forgotten that much....albeit it is several thousand years on, but better late than never. The alchemists are awakened and we remember!

🌳 I truly feel with dōTERRA’s mission to provide the purest and best essential oils there are, that we have access once again to what our ancients knew and used with trust too.

🍃 Plus we love it that we can be empowered with our own healthcare, we think in terms of proactive care and have these little wonders at our fingertips whenever we need to regain balance, be well and stay well.

Plant medicine and natures gifts all provided for us.

❤️Who wants to join us in this revolution, and return to our inherit wellness?

Let's get started!

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