Shut that door!

We all know those doors, that if we open them it's a slow spiral down to feeling the same old way, and the more we down on ourselves and throw more sadness, limited thinking, grief and shadow on it, the bigger and denser it gets. Feeling hopeless, sad and bewildered.

BUT dear wise one...when we have that realisation and remembrance of what is behind that door, and what it felt like last time we went down that road, we have the wisdom to choose to not open it, instead find another and walk through it. CHOICE is everything.

When we disassociate ourselves from the familiar emotions of pain, grief, contraction and 'less than' and start to create safer roads and choices, a new inner pathway glows & flows, allowing great inner wisdom to guide you, support you and nurture you, but it's up to YOU to walk by that door, and find another one to open!

You have the power, anything is possible. ❤️

Let's get started!

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