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dōTERRA have really done their homework on this one particularly….A whole system for MENTAL WELLNESS!!

If you’ve been looking for natural ways to be calmer, happier and more grounded, plus if you’re looking for something to help support your children to also be calmer, happier and more grounded...The Adaptiv System is it!

This kit includes:

💧 Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules.
💧 Adaptiv Calming Blend.
💧 Adaptiv Touch.

Whether you’re feeling fatigued, restless indecisive or irritable, grab your Adaptiv Calming Blend to help your body and mind stay balanced. Use Adaptiv Calming Blend in combination with the Adaptiv capsules for synergistic results.

The doTERRA Adaptiv System is a great answer to reducing tension and helping to empower and encourage when adapting to difficult situations or acclimating to new surroundings. 

The Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules have mood-boosting and tension-reducing effects of a blend of CPTG essential oils Lavender, Coriander, Wild Orange, and Fennel along with Sceletium, GABA, and Ahiflower. 

🌿 Botanical extract Sceletium comes from a succulent plant found in South Africa known as Kanna. Sceletium Extract is responsibly sourced from a sustainable supply with endorsement by the South African indigenous knowledge holders. 

🌿 A unique phytochemical ingredient found in Sceletium Extract, brings a feeling of “alert serenity.”The extract supports healthy emotional responses to everyday stressors and promotes feelings of happiness and well-being.

It balances healthy levels of mood-stabilising hormones and improves cognitive function while combating occasional nervousness. 

A quieting neurotransmitter, GABA, also helps promote relaxation. GABA has a natural comforting effect and helps reduce feelings of apprehension and fear by decreasing neuronal excitability. 

Sometimes called “the brakes of the brain,” because it lowers the activity of neural cells in the brain and central nervous system, it has the effect of moving the brain and the body into lower gear. By inhibiting neural activity, GABA reduces mental and physical strain.

So we are really excited to be sharing this info with people who want to feel in control of their own mental wellbeing, their emotions and their lives. 

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Larisa Burnette

02-10-2019 05:05 AM AWST

HI there When will these products be available in Australia? Loving all your FB pics from your travels by the way :-) Best Wishes Larisa

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