Cinnamon & Orange Rocky Road Bliss Balls

A little different style bliss ball recipe for you all to try.

This is so delicious with the addition of the goji's and cranberry's, as it gives them texture and a great flavour.
The ingredients are easy to source, and make a healthy snack for you and your family to eat on the go.

Here is the recipe 

14 dates (pitted) and I choose Medjool
2 Cups of Walnuts
1/3 Cup of Cacao powder
1/2 Cup of Pistachios
1/2 Cup of Cashews
1/2 Cup of Goji berries
1/2 Cup of Cranberries
1 Tbsp of Coconut water
1 Tsp of Maca powder
1 Heaped Tbsp of Honey
1 Tsp Vanilla (Powder or paste)
4 Drops of dōTERRA food grade Cinnamon oil 
8 Drops of dōTERRA food grade Wild Orange oil

Place all ingredients into a food processor or TM (Thermomix) and blend on high speed until the mixture resembles a sticky crumb.

Apply a little coconut oil to your hands if the mixture gets too sticky to roll, and roll into balls and place into the fridge on a tray.

Dare you to stop at ONE!!!

Viva La Cacao!!!

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