Sometimes we forget where we are at for various reasons, perhaps distractions or life’s stuff that just happens, and don’t recognise the messages and signposts all around us. Ask for a sign, just the other day I was putting the question to the universe to show me a sign, and two butterflies literally went by me within a few seconds! So when this happens and you do see a sign, look up the meaning, and meditate upon it's gift and message. 

BUT always at the very right time indeed they show up and remind us to see in fact, YOU are on the right track, YOU are where YOU are at for ALL the perfect reasons.

Sometimes it takes a little time to feel into that, or it’s that special nudge you get when you are least expecting it, but the reminder is simply to keep an open mind, and to expect that it is being delivered unto you, as this is how this universe works. 

We don’t need to keep putting the order in over and over and over again! It’s coming....just believe!

Diffusing Spikenard oil with Wild Orange to bring in the Gratitude and abundance energy of the miracle.....that it has already happened. Namaste.

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