Glowing Skin Serum

Glowing Skin Serum Recipe

I wanted to share with you a very precious serum I created for glowing, youthful and vibrant skin. Using 5 really precious oils that deeply nourish and revitalise your skin at a deep level.

🌺 Blue Tansy - Coming from Morocco, Blue Tansy is in the Chamomile family of plants. It helps diminish the appearance of blemishes, it has an amazing deep blue colour and has such a rich scent, and has long been used as an addition to beauty regimes.

🌺 Manuka - Native to New Zealand, and known for ages to the Maori people for deep healing, used as medicine the honey that comes from the Manuka flowers, is so potent and full of goodness, so the oil is a magnified distilled version and is such a potent skin healer.

🌺 Helichrysum - Sourced from Cypress, this everlasting flower is a common addition to high end French cosmetics $$ and skin creams. Also known as Immortelle, the essential oil of Helichrysum is SO amazing for improving fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and promotes deep skin healing.

🌺 Copaiba - A potent new addition to the dōTERRA family sourced from Brazilian rainforests, long known to the locals for its plethora of health benefits. When applied to the skin it keeps the skin clean, clear and so smooth.

🌺 Rose - Now available to buy in a 5ml UNDILUTED bottle sourced from Bulgaria, and has also been used for centuries in beauty regimes, for its skin healing & rejuvenating qualities.

NOW time for the recipe!!

In this little mini roller bottle 1 have placed 2 drops of each of the 5 oils, and then topped the mini bottle up with Fractionated Coconut Oil. That's IT!!!
I then apply a small amount to the palm of my hand and use a blob of moisturiser and apply to the face and neck.

You will notice your face looking smoother, younger, fresher and you'll smell pretty incredible too. To super boost this serum add 1-2 drops of Yarrow POM too!

If you don't have these awesomely PURE oils in your life need to! Head to to get yourself set up, or message us to help you. 

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Let's get started!

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