Meditation - Mindfulness - Some resources to guide you on your journey.

We once heard this and it never has left us, to why people often think meditation is not for them.

1) I don't have the time!

2) Nothing has happened, I've been sitting here for a minute and the Dalai Lama hasn't appeared in front of me! 

So here is how he explained these two misconceptions.

1) I don't have the time line! - We are all creatures of habit, with some good ones and some not so good ones, it's like when you get up in the morning and go to the toilet, then you may have a shower, brush your teeth, have breakfast, have a tea or a coffee, make a phone call, read the paper, go through emails etc etc...these are all your daily rituals, and you don't actually do them at any given exact time.

He explained that the human psyche can easily fit another habit in, you just need to apply it....he called it R.P.M (Rise - Pee - Meditate) before anything else.

We have been implementing this for years now and it is actually very easy to do, we as humans just like to find other things to distract us you DO have time!

2) Nothing is happening right away!! - He explained that the gift of Meditation (which is so true) comes in the other times throughout your life and day. The benefits of meditating sometimes don't seem to happen right away, it is a practice and like anything, gets better with time. So start off small and build your way up to longer practices. 

The art of inner work, meditation and mindfulness rewards you with many special moments in your daily life, as it calms the mind, works on the ego, fills you with gratitude, loving kindness, chills you out to make good and rational decisions, and allows the best version of yourself to express therefore the gift gives in many different and loving ways.

So we absolutely love a few listed below. Feel free to explore these great resources. 

Insight timer -This is a free app for phones or Ipads and has literally thousands and thousands of FREE recordings in multiple categories, sound healing, music and courses...we LOVE this and use it everyday.

Joe Dispenza - An amazing guy who is all about quantum physics and creating your reality with mindset, gratitude, meditations and belief changing techniques. Powerful stuff.

Chopra Centre - Facilitated by Deepak Chopra, a wonderful teacher and leader in the industry for many years, offers a free and beautiful 21 day meditation experience online

Oprah's Super soul sessions - A multitude of choices of podcasts by all the worlds best speakers, healers, coaches, writers and spiritual leaders!

Deva Premal & Miten - A regular sound in our place with their divine Mantra's, this 21 day Mantra deep dive covers different aspects each day with a gentle meditation before, then the Mantra repeated 108 times with you joining in...remember to breathe!

As lovers of our essential oils - We always meditate with the assistance of some really good grounding and centering oils, either in the diffuser or put on our skin - Copaiba - Frankincense - Clary Sage - Balance Blend - Spikenard - Cedarwood - Rose are some we recommend.

Have fun and seriously, you wont regret it, your life will be richer for it and YOU are worth it each and every day x

Namaste 🕉

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