Cacao Addict - The way chocolate should be!

Inspiration behind "Cacao Addict
The concept, the book and the vision!

I believe that food is medicine, and the healing power of food interests me immensely. Cacao was once revered as a currency in Mayan times and cacao offers a multitude of potent health benefits, which is why it is the star ingredient throughout "Cacao Addict"
Chocolate is supposed to make you feel good, but unfortunately a lot of commercial chocolate out there is far removed from what the ancients knew. Keep it simple, keep it real, and make it with good intentions.        
Food should be adventurous, tantalising and enjoyable, not only to the eye but especially the palette. My love of exotic places and travel has opened me up to wonderful spices, smells, tastes and ingredients from faraway places.
Superfoods from South America feature as additions in many of my recipes. Ingredients such as acai, lucuma, camu camu, maca, medicinal mushroom powder, vanilla and maqui not only add interest, but so many health-giving properties too. There are 19 different superfood powders I use throughout the book.

So, while these healthy chocolate recipes look like decadent treats, you’re not eating something empty and bad for you, but rather something that is nourishing, satisfying and whole. The addition of so many superfoods and (food grade) essential oils, takes these cacao creations to medicinal heights.

All 50 recipes in this beautifully photographed unique hardcover recipe book are dairy free, gluten free and guilt free. Sourcing organic ingredients and the best Peruvian cacao.

My mission is to inspire others to be informed of healthier options, to create easy to make snacks that sustain and nourish your bodies and minds, and to teach others to do the same. Because when you taste these creations, there is no going back!

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Viva La Cacao

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