Autumn is upon us

Autumn is upon us!! 

There are always various chocolates in our house at any given week, last night I was feeling the chills of the Autumn season approaching, with cooler nights and cloudy days. Therefore some warming nuts, dark chocolate and oils to compliment the change of seasons was in demand!

So I made a full dark chocolate infused with Ginger and Wild Orange dōTERRA food grade essential oil, Ginger is a very warming oil, it helps with digestion and tastes really good with some Wild Orange and more pink salt than usual. #mouthgasm! 

Buy Ginger and Wild Orange here. 

I then went on to create one of my favourite and most requested slabs, as we have a few events and dinners coming up, I thought this one is a real crowd pleaser.

This slab has several different nuts with a dark chocolate infused with Cardamom essential oil. 

Get Cardamom here. 

Another great oil that assists digestion, is also warming and tastes just heavenly combined with toasted nuts and caramelised honey.


We sourced a local apiarist in Lierna to get the RAW HONEY, (which this slab has lots of inside to caramelise the roasted nuts) and saw the HUGE vats of honey he has stored there. Fresh, local and amazing! 

Always try and source your honey from locally, ethically farmed places, where they take good care of our beloved Bee's!

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